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GStreamer is a library that allows the construction of graphs of media-handling components.





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GStreamer is a library that allows the construction of graphs of media-handling components, ranging from simple Vorbis and Ogg playback to complex audio (mixing) and video (non-linear editing) processing.

Applications can take advantage of advances in codec and filter technology transparently. Developers can add new codecs and filters by writing a simple plugin with a clean, generic interface.

The GStreamer team is proud to announce a new release in the 0.10.x stable series of the GStreamer Base Plug-ins.

The 0.10.x series is a stable series targeted at end users. It is not API or ABI compatible with the stable 0.8.x series. It is, however, parallel installable with the 0.8.x series.

This module contains a set of reference plugins, base classes for other plugins, and helper libraries. This module is kept up-to-date together with the core developments. Element writers should look at the elements in this module as a reference for their development. This module contains elements for, among others:
device plugins: x(v)imagesink, alsa, v4lsrc, cdparanoia

containers: ogg
codecs: vorbis, theora
text: textoverlay, subparse
sources: audiotestsrc, videotestsrc, gnomevfssrc
network: tcp
audio processing: audioconvert, adder, audiorate, audioscale, volume
visualisation: libvisual
video processing: ffmpegcolorspace
aggregate elements: decodebin, playbin

Other modules containing plug-ins are:

contains a set of well-supported plug-ins under our preferred license
contains a set of well-supported plug-ins, but might pose problems for distributors
Last updated on February 21st, 2012

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