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GDAM is a digital dj mixing software package.




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GDAM is a digital dj mixing software package. It aims to be a powerful, professional-quality music mixing and remixing system, suitable for live performance. It was conceived on some beautiful summer morning (in 1998), and developed with drive and enthusiasm that seemed completely unnatural. Over four years later, we have achieved many of our goals but development continues.

Here are some key features of "GDAM":

client-server architecture based around glib
streaming and mixing of any number of mp3 files
dynamic filter insertion and removal
multiple sound device support (see the faq)
plugin support
cacheing / playing loops
contiguous queueing - plays albums without gaps between songs, regardless of output buffer size
dj turntable-style interface
assisted beat matching
waveform viewer / beat calculator
record from any point in the stream, to disk or another process
gtk gui's, with simple skin support
flexible command-line interface
gdam123 - an mpg123 clone that talks to a gdam server
Users Guide
hardware input support (midi and other)
support to use LADSPA plugins
support to create LADSPA plugins graphically
online help

What's New in This Release:

support for ogg and flac files (if ogg and flac packages are installed)
support for mad mp3 decoder
wav files seekable
wav / aiff / ogg / flac support in turntables, beat calc, etc
decoders defined in server config file
fixed bug with importing file to turntable
bug fix: seeking to cuepoint when rate != 100% (by florixyz)
fixed bug which caused clicking in dynamic filters (gate, etc)
fixed numerous memory leaks
synchronization fixes in resample, bender filters
don't require netcat for connecting to encoding server
song database builder: browse to starting directory
more options and recent paths into history
config panel for --define options
handle unix signals synchronously
track progress when building song database
server-side support for automation (no gui yet)
buffer viewport (waveform display) abstraction, profile modes
buffer resizing segfault
buffer editor replace/reverse/mute/selection features
dj-mixer style crossfade (independent of vertical gain sliders)
sequencer: free play, record free play, auto overwrite, overplay
sequencer rendering modes: color rectangles, pennants, etc.
sequencer: various editing and selection commands
sequencer editing of local buffers: start points, length, rate, volume
sequence chunks of mp3/ogg/etc files w/o exporting to wav first
echo passthrough volume, passthrough mute
beat calculator playback position indicator
turntable: produce silence at end of song (inner groove emulation)
turntable: disable contiguous cueuing for performance
turntable: tempo and phase follow tap
turntable: repeat all / one
bender: free loop, slide, seek, bend-by-position
bender: track playback position within bender backbuffer
bender: keep_input_constant mode (perfect for streaming sources, mic)
new filters: stall, djrewind, morph (bender presets), beat-aware respeed
array: 6 compact turntables in one window
beginnings of mix skin - sequence any source
alsa 0.9 support (by takashi iwai)
Last updated on July 19th, 2006

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