Funani 0.1

Manage big media collections

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BSD License 
Jaap de Haan
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
FUNANI is an open source project which aims at solving the management of large image and other media collections in a practical way.

Finding the data you want in big data collections is usually a big pain and consumes a lot of precious time. FUNANI releases you from the tedious job of finding a system to sort the data. Just sort it in many different ways you like. Advanced queries on dates, locations, events or people or more generically categories and tags allow you to narrow the search quickly.

FUNANI can be thought of primarily as a safe. Every file put into the system remains in the system. FUNANI is an additive system. This makes unintended deletion impossible. Of course a maintainance mode can still remove unwanted files forever liberating place. Standard users cannot perform this operation.

FUNANI is also more than a tool. It is also a framework designed for extensibility. When new features are requested they can be implemented by adding new functionality by leaving the existing system alone. Each feature is completely isolated from others as long as they do not depend on them.

Last updated on April 12th, 2010

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