Fair DJ 1.0.3

A Mserv-compatible music server designed to play music in a room with several users sharing a set of speakers.

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What's new in Fair DJ 1.0.3:

  • Tons of bugs fixed.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Fair DJ Team
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Fair DJ
Fair DJ is an Mserv-compatible music server designed to play music in a room with several users sharing a set of speakers.

The users can rate songs, and Fair DJ selects songs using these ratings and a fairness algorithm to ensure that everybody is happy.

FairDJ is an extended version of Mserv, written in the Java programming language.


Starting fairdj for the first time will create a settings file in your users home directory. FairDJ will print out a helpful location message specifying the path to this file. Since you most likely want to edit this file before starting Fair DJ for real, we've included a helpful install option which simply exits after creating the settings file.

Start FairDJ with the following command line:

java -jar fairdj.jar -install

FairDJ should exit after logging a message specifying where the settings file was written. To specify another location for this settings file, use the settings option:

java -jar fairdj.jar -settings < settings file >

Edit the settings file by hand, using your favourite XML/Text editor, to point to wherever you want to store your ratings, where your music is, and where your user database should be. The settings file is fairly well commented and should provide you with the information you need to configure your Fair DJ installation. The new user database will be empty, and only the default user and password, as specified in the settings file, will be valid.

To get help on the available options, use the help option:

java -jar fairdj.jar -help [< option >]

To connect to FairDJ, connect with a telnet client to the specified port (default 4444), for example:

telnet localhost 4444

Log in with your default user and password. To get help on the available commands in FairDJ, type "help" followed by enter in the telnet client.

Start by creating a superuser (master), and a user for yourself. They can be the same if you want to. Here is an example:

create myuser mypass MASTER

If you need further assistance, please check out the forum at: http://hirt.se/php/phpBB2/index.php

Last updated on March 18th, 2009

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