F Modular Synthesizer 1.0

F Modular Synthesizer (FMS) is basically a tool to generate all kinds of sounds.
F Modular Synthesizer
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F Modular Synthesizer (FMS) is basically a tool to generate all kinds of sounds. It should work on any up-to-date Linux system.

Here are some key features of "F Modular Synthesizer":

Playing sounds

· with any frequency and volume
· one after another or at the same time (mixer) or both
· stereo (different sounds on different channels)
· with any balance between the two channels
· with built-in sweep that even follows frequency modulation
· like speech synthesis [listen]
· both on-the-fly playing with direct user access and asynchronous, pre-computed output; also combining the two, taking the best of both
· with all modulation options described below

Making noise

· now although it tends to get noisy in any way, we mean real noise here
· in 4 different ways
· nearly-white noise
· narrow band noise


· amplitude (volume)
· frequency
· minima, maxima, amplitude and frequency of the modulation (here the "Fully Modular" comes to existence)
· balance, moving the sound from left to right and back in stereo mode
· narrowness of the noise frequency band in many different ways

Making music

· some-kind-of-midi-mapping mode (sound + envelope => instrument, FMS midi file format)
· auto-converter and player for MUS file format, listen [here] (Musplay)
· auto-composer for those who like a rather modern kind of music
· chords


· spectrum of a sound
· oscillogram of a sound
· mixes between different sounds with different volumes / frequencies


· sounds as oscillograms in FMS file format (mathematical description, not complete wavetables)
· sounds as Fourier overtone amplitudes
· music in FMS midi format
· FMS output in wave format
· wave file sounds in FMS file format (auto-converter) - experimental


· a somewhat ugly and extremely limited tcl/tk gui
· FROCOR, an installation that connects the FMS sound backend to graphical interfaces and outputs
· a fully modular Qt GUI - experimental

What's New in This Release:

· performance testing and improvements
· extended FMS protocol for fmsbackend
· improving some output range issues internally
· again fixing midi subsystem for synchronous mode
· lots of bugfixes

last updated on:
April 9th, 2008, 19:55 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Daniel Gruen
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
F Modular Synthesizer
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