Ecasound Mastering Interface

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EMI (The Ecasound Mastering Interface) is a Python front end to ecasound.




EMI is a python front end to ecasound, it's a virtual rackmount effect that can be use
to record and mix audio! You can export to *.ecs as well

This nice light interface will give you full control over ecasound and its effect parameters in real time!

EMI Interface use real ecasound parameters names, so you can use ecasound documentation to catch the basic! EMI hold on a disquette it's size is about 280 kb (Every graphics where made by using Tkinter Canvas)

Here are some key features of "EcasoundMasteringInterface":

· Custom skinable interface
· Dynamic box création for LADSPA,PRESETS & COP COPP
· Dynamic pop menu base on context
· Multi Language support
· Save,save as *ecs + open,open as *ecs
· CS transformation direct to ecs files
· Updated view of ecs file inside a canvas
· Option for saving cs to presets
· Documentations


· Ecasound (the latest version) Configure with LADSPA (for late version)
· Python 2.2 / 2.3
· Full duplex sound card! 16bit or higher (multiple sound card support)
· OSS or ALSA Driver
· Rezound (SoundForge like wave editor)
· Timidity (to play midi files)
· MOD plugins (to play module files)
· mpg123,oggvorbis,libaudio,libsndfile,etc (Note that most linux distro have it)
Last updated on July 26th, 2006
Ecasound Mastering InterfaceEcasound Mastering Interface

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