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DJPlay aims to be a high class live DJing application for Linux.





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DJPlay project is a high class live DJing application for Linux.


Linux on i386
qt 3.x >= 3.2.1
Jack Sound server
libmad (optional)
libaudiofile (optional)
libmpeg3 (optional)
id3lib (optional)
cdda_paranoia (optional)
LADSPA headers (optional)
DJ EQ plugin from swh-plugins (optional)
pitch plugin from tap-plugins (optional)
parapin (libparapin.a) (optional, for control unit)
libxml2 (optional)
gcc 3.x


DJPlay will not compile with the RedHat patched version of the gcc compiler, version 2.96. This is not an official gcc release and has been known to cause numerous problems with multimedia applictions. It will also not work if Qt has been compiled with gcc 2.96, even if another gcc 2.x compiler is used to compile DJPlay.

Use --with-control-unit if you have an external control unit. The unit must have potentiometers connected to axes 0 and 1 of the game port for pitch control and 8 buttons connected to the 8 data pins of the lpt1 port. Optionally, two LED's may be connected to pin 1 and 14 of the printer port to indicate normal pitch. The four buttons on the gameport may be connected to spinner switches, the pulses will be used to rotate the seek wheel.

To use this, you will need to have a working gameport supporting four buttons and the analog joxstick driver installed. You will also need the user space version of parapin (libparapin.a).

The parallel port address must be set in djplay.cpp and the application must be setuid root for this to work. It drops privileges just after gaining access to the parallel port hardware.

What's New in This Release:

New trunk build of DJPlay.
It now uses libdjconsole, which is part of the same project.
Last updated on December 24th, 2006
DJPlay - screenshot #1

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