Cover Tagger 1.0

Add cover art image directly into your MP3 files

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Yannick Cholette
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
Cover Tagger is a simple command-line application that will try to find a album art image (png or jpg) and add it directly into the metadata of all your mp3 files. It will look inside the folder of an mp3 or/and can also try to match a image downloaded from amarok.

That way whenever you move or copy your collection somewhere else, all the album art stay with them. And yes, iTunes fully support this.


On most system a simple `make` will do the trick, provide you have all of the above dependencies properly installed on your system. If that fails, try something like this:

    g++ -O2 -o covertagger covertagger.cpp `taglib-config --libs --cflags`
    -I -lssl -DVERSION=""1.0""

  After that, just copy the executable where you want.


  covertagger [PATH(s) TO YOUR MUSIC] [OPTIONS]
  covertagger [OPTIONS] [PATH(s) TO YOUR MUSIC]
Covertagger will descend recursively into each directories specified and build a list containing all the mp3 files it found.

  Example: covertagger ~/music -afv


You must at least use the -f or -a options, otherwise nothing will happen. Once the output looks like what you want, rerun covertagger adding the -m option to actually modifiy your files. If both -f and -a are specified and a album art image is found by both method, then the image found by the -f option has the priority.

  -m (modify)
  No files will be modified unless this flag is specified.

  -a (amarok)
  Looks for album art from amarok files. Usually those are at ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/albumcovers/large/

  -f (folder)
  Look for a jpg or a png in the same folder as the mp3. Will look for a file named (C|c)over or (A|a)lbum or (F|f)older or (F|f)ront with extension .jpg or .jpeg or .png.

  -r (replace)
  Replace album art if there is already one present. If none was found with the -f and/or -a options, the file is untouched.

  -d (delete)
  If no album art is found with the -f and/or -a options, delete album art from the mp3 file.

  -x (delete all)
  Delete all album art from every mp3 and exit.

  -l (list no cover)
  List all files without album art and exit.

  -v (verbrose)
  Print more information along the way.

  -q (quiet)
  Print less information along the way.

  -h (help)
  Print a help message.

Last updated on November 6th, 2008


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