Blue for CSound 0.108.0

Blue for CSound project is a java program for use with Csound.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Steven Yi
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
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Blue for CSoundBlue for CSoundBlue for CSound
Blue for CSound project is a java program for use with Csound. It's interface is much like a digital multitrack, but differs in that there timelines within timelines (polyObjects). This allows for a compositional organization in time that seems to me to be very intuitive, informative, and flexible.

Here are some key features of "Blue for CSound":

SoundObjects are the building blocks within blue's score timeline. soundObjects can be lists of notes, algorithmic generators, python script code, csound instrument definitions, and whatever plugins that are developed for blue. these soundObjects may be text based, but they can be completely GUI based as well.
Timeline allows for visual organization of soundObjects
Polyobject are objects which hold other soundObjects, and have timelines in themselves. working within them on their timelines and outside of them on the parent timeline help organize and understand the concepts of objective time and relative time between different objects
The soundOject library allow for instantiating multiple copies of a soundobject, which allows for editting the original object and updating all copies
noteProcessors allow for modifying the soundObjects properties, i.e. adding 2 to all p4 values, multiplying all p5 values by 6, etc.
The orchestra manager organizes csound instruments and functions as an instrument librarian. you can selectively choose what instruments to output to the generated csound .csd file, so you can feel free to keep all of your instruments in a large library and output only the ones you need, cutting down on load time for csound.
Syntax hilighting of csound language
Use of scripting for user extensibility
SoundObject freezing - free up CPU cycles by pre-rendering objects
Microtonal PianoRoll allows editing notes using any Scala scale
blueLive - work with soundObjects in realtime to experiment with musical ideas or performance
and more!


Java 1.5

What's New in This Release:

This release entails mostly bugfixes and smaller enhancements.

Last updated on August 28th, 2006

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