BlogMatrix Jäger 1.6.10

BlogMatrix Jäger is a powerful one-panel rss/weblog reader and podcast receiver.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
David P. Janes
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BlogMatrix JägerBlogMatrix Jäger
Jäger is a powerful one-panel rss/weblog reader and podcast receiver.

BlogMatrix Jäger 1.6 is an open source one-panel rss/weblog reader and podcast receiver written in Python for Windows, Macintosh OS 10.3 and Linux (beta testing on Red Hat Fedora).

Jäger uses only a tiny amount of your screen's real estate as it uses the your browser as it's display. Jäger has an extensive feature set, including searching, filtering, synchronization, watch lists, proxy and authentication handling, and a extendable tool interface.

Here are some key features of "BlogMatrix Jäger":

Jäger is User Friendly

Jäger is designed to be convenient and easy to use:

· Single-panel – Jäger does not have a built in web browser like most syndication readers. Instead, Jäger uses your browser to display content. You already have a browser and you know how to use it. Why re-invent it?
· Organized reading – Jäger tries only to display weblog entries that you haven't read already – these are shown in the Updated Weblogs section. You can configure Jäger to either automatically clear weblogs from this section as soon as you've read them or you can manually control this. Jäger also has a Updated Favorites section for displaying only weblogs which you've designated as favorites – this is a great way to fast track reading certain weblogs over others.
· Preloaded subscriptions – a few seconds after startup, Jäger will give you the option of subscribing to a number of popular and interesting weblogs, organized into convenient categories.
· Drag and drop subscription – subscribe to weblogs (or look for updates on any page) simply by dragging the link from your browser onto Jaeger
· Syndication auto-discovery – Jäger knows how to analyze a webpage to find syndication feeds: there's no need for you to go searching around for it yourself. In fact, dragging any link from a weblog (such as one for an individual entry) will usually work with Jäger!
· Offline reading – Jäger (where possible) downloads the contents of the weblogs you are reading and shows it to you directly from your machine in a simplified and clean format. You have fine grained control over which blogs you want to read online (i.e. directly from the Internet) or offline.
· Bulk reading – Jäger, using its offline reading features, can display many different weblogs on the same page, substantially reducing the amount of time you have to spend reading.

Exceptional Capabilities

· Jäger provides a number of features not commonly found in most weblog readers.

· Watch Lists – Jäger can monitor incoming content for certain words or phrases and specially mark these items. Read more about this here and here.
· Synchronization – Jäger can synchronize with other copies of Jäger running on other machines to ensure that if you use multiple computers, you're not reading the same content over and over. Jäger can also synchronize with Bloglines. Read more here.
· Universal Search Engine – Jäger is the first weblog reader to provide integrated searching not only its own stored content but also many external search engines and databases, such as Google, Yahoo, IMDB, Amazon, Sourceforge, ESPN, BBC News, CBS News and others. Read more here.
· Language Translation – Jäger can automatically translate weblogs from different languages into English. Read more here.

Other features

Jäger also supports the following:

· OPML import and export – Jäger can import and export OPML blogrolls from either the web or a file on your computer. This feature makes it very easy to share your blogroll with other users or to move your subscription list from a different read to Jäger.

· Automatic dead feed removal – Jäger supports two standards for detecting dead RSS feeds.
· Filters – Jäger can remove entries from weblogs by words or by phrases.

Cross Platform

· Jäger runs on many different types of operating systems and computers. Here's what we've tested it against so far – if there's something else you're interested in, let us know.

Technical standards

· Jäger supports all of the best known syndication formats (which efficiently deliver update information to clients like Jäger) for weblogs and news sources. In addition, Jäger supports a number of "strategies" for handling webpages that do no provide syndication feeds.

· RSS 0.9
· RSS/RDF 1.0
· RSS 2.0
· Atom
· Check to see if page has changed (via headers changed)
· Check to see if page has changed (via content changed)
· Check for new links on page
· HTTP proxy support
· RSS 2 Enclosures


· Python 2.3
· wxPython (any recent version should work)
· Cheetah
· Python Xlib

What's New in This Release:

· This release has new icons to better indicate the state of downloaded attachments, podcast playlist cleanup of deleted files, HTTP Basic authentication (for GMail syndication feed checking), and an improvement of 3x to 10x over version 1.6.5 for loading and saving the database.

Last updated on July 19th, 2005

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