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An Open Source and free music management and playback application for Linux systems

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Banshee is an open source, complete audio playback and management solution for Linux-based operating systems. This software organizes your entire music collection automatically, and it is fully compatible with the GNOME desktop environment. Also known as Banshee Media Player, the application presents a familiar user interface, especially for those of you who are used with the Rhythmbox software that comes bundled in every GNOME-based Linux operating system.

Features at a glance

First of all, let’s talk a little about its features, as it lets users to easily import, manage, and play selections from their music collection. Additionally, the application allows you to import Audio-CDs, sync your entire music collection to an iPod or Android device, or play music directly from a supported MP3 audio player device or smartphone. You can create playlists with tracks from your music library, create Audio-CDs and MP3 CDs from subsets of your library, keep up with your favorite podcasts, and listen to Internet radio stations.

Supports podcasts, books, video and music files

When you first start the application, it will automatically scan and displays your music library, but you will also have access to other multimedia files that are stored on your computer, such as audio books, videos, and podcasts. If the aforementioned file formats are correctly stored in dedicated folders, such as Music, Podcast, and Audiobooks, they will be automatically recognized by Banshee and placed in their respective categories.

It's a desktop independent application written in Mono

We should mention that Banshee is not only available for the GNOME/Linux platform, as it can be installed on other operating systems or desktop environments as well. By default is supports four online media services, the Amazon MP3 Store,, Internet Archive, and Miro Guide.

Bottom line

Sadly, Banshee is not integrated into many Linux distributions, mainly because of its Mono dependencies, which tend to create lots of problems nowadays. But if that is not an issue for you, go ahead and install the Banshee Media Player from your Linux distribution’s default software repositories.

Banshee was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on September 13th, 2014
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