Badut Media Jukebox 4

An audio and video jukebox

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GPL v3 
Henrik Theiling
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Badut Media Jukebox
Badut Media Jukebox is a Home Theater PC media browser application, an audio and video jukebox. It is preconfigured to play video and audio files using mplayer or xine. The configuration can be easily changed and extended by the user. CDRDAO audio CD images can be played natively. Badut can show thumbnailed screen captures for the selected item.

Badut has direct support for the Soundgraph iMON LCD+IR module, e.g. found in recent Silverstone GD01 chassis.

What's the advantage over, say, MythTV?

Badut can overlay directory trees and present them as one merged tree to the user.

E.g. if you specify /media/* as a set of root dirs, the relative path /videos/ as shown by Badut will be expanded to /media/*/videos and all files found in those directories will be presented as one merged directory.

This makes the organisation of your media files easier because you can distribute them over several directories (e.g. over several partitions and disks) and still have a consistent display.

 * Badut can play cdrdao audio images out of the box. This is for people who want the CD image as one big uncompressed file where track transitions without pauses cause no audible distortion.
 * The Soundgraph iMON-LCD, e.g. in a SilverStone GD01 (Grandia) chassis, is driven graphically with hand-optimised fonts that are narrow, yet very well-readable and have a high spouse acceptance factor. :-)
 * There is no initial, fully recursive scan of the browsed directories. Badut only scans what is necessary for showing the current directory. So it starts up quickly even with many files in the directory structure.
 * The configuration files are easy to read and write because they are kept simple and are well documented.
 * You can easily write plugins for special purposes easily. The interfaces are documented well, and kept to a minimum.
 * It is hard to accidentally exit the GUI and by default no applications will be started that cannot handle infrared remote signals. You are able to control the HTPC box with LCD + IR remote alone without the accidental need for a keyboard or mouse.
 * Badut supports recording CDs/DVDs from the normal menu and is extensible by arbitrary user actions.


If you do not need LCD support, then the installation of Badut probably only takes a few seconds. Ok, maybe a few minutes. :-) If you have one of the very common mceusb2 remote controls, the remote control will work, too.

However, when installing Badut with support for the iMON LCD+IR, you still need some manual work, because that USB device is not fully supported by Linux distros yet, as mentioned above. You have to recompile LIRC, install the new modules, probably removing the old ones. I did this on Ubuntu 8.04 (actually, on Mythbuntu 8.04, which is derived from Xubuntu 8.04, but that should be no difference).

For the LCD to work, you need the following USB device (check 'lsusb'):

Bus 004 Device 003: ID 15c2:0038 SoundGraph Inc.

The other stuff will work with any other hardware, too.

For other remote controls than the two packaged, you need to write a config file to configure the keys, however. This is due to an awkward configuration philosophy of LIRC, which calls the keys different on each remote control. There are no standard names, so you need to check with 'irw' what the control codes are for your remote control.

Last updated on October 20th, 2008

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