AudioTT 1.4.2

AudioTT is ID3 tag editor, which is FREE to use.

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Michal Vician
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AudioTT is ID3 tag editor, which is FREE to use.

AudioTT supports both ID3 tags (ID3v1 and ID3v2). Editing ID3 tags by this application is very easy and saves your time, beacause it allows you to edit a heap of MP3 files at once.

This function is useful especialy for those who own a big collection of MP3s. Imagine that you have a discography of the QUEEN - it means hundreds of MP3 files. It would be silly to edit ID3 tag of each file separately. Therefore you may load the whole dicography to AudioTT, then write QUEEN to the Band item of ID3 tag and press Save/F12.

If you do so, AudioTT will write QUEEN as a Band to all files of your discography. In exactly the same way you may edit all the items of ID3 tag (Year, Album, Pictures, Official web site of the band/artist...).

AudioTT contains a panel, which shows the detailed information of MP3 files. It contains also another panel, which dynamicaly creates statistic for all your MP3s, which are in that moment loaded into AudioTT (Total time, Average time, Average bitrate, Average sampling rate...). If you are not interested in these information, you may simply hide the panels...

Pictures of jpeg, gif and other types represents a form of binary data similar to audio, video or text data. ID3 tag version 2 (ID3v2) has been proposed so it can contain any type of data. Therefore the new version of AudioTT is now able to handle picture's data. It means that AudioTT is now able to store any count of pictures into ID3 tag. Moreover you can specify a picture by selecting a type (Front cover, Band logotype, ...) and inserting an arbitrary comment.

This all is possible to do with a new tool - Pictures manager. It allows you also to export all images to external files (jpeg, png, gif), remove all images from MP3... This all can be done at one mose click! However, don't forget that adding too many images into ID3 tags might rapidly increase size of your MP3 files!

Here are some key features of "AudioTT":

support of MP3 file format
support of ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags
support of 39 items of ID3 tag version 2
full support of "Pictures", "Comments" ...
ability to read, edit and save hundreds ID3 tags at once
comprehensive MP3 details panel
dynamic creation of MP3s' statistic
multi/cross platform


Java 1.4.2 or later

What's New in This Release:

support of pictures of ID3 tag version 2
Pictures manager
picture thumbnail in Details panel
support of more fonts (latin, cyrilic, ...)
scanning subfolders
ability to interrupt whatever process (reading, saving, sorting, ...)
enhanced reading and saving algorithm

Last updated on February 27th, 2006

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