Aqualung 0.9 Beta 11

A music player for the GNU/Linux operating system.

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What's new in Aqualung 0.9 Beta 11:

  • Add PulseAudio support as contributed by PCMan plus a few minor fixes.
  • Added option for starting Aqualung hidden in tray. Useful when running Aqualung automatically after login.
  • Implement auto roll to active track functionality. Thanks to Chris Craig for the excellent patch.
  • Support new Musepack API (patch by Yavor Doganov)
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
4.2/5 39
Peter Szilagyi
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
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Aqualung is a music player for the GNU/Linux operating system. Aqualung plays audio files from your filesystem and has the feature of inserting no gaps between adjacent tracks.

Here's how the test looks like. Pick a song that you know really well, something that's in your bones like Siberian Khatru. Grab it from CD using cdparanoia to have it as a WAV file. Now open your favourite wave editor and slice the file up into multiple consecutive sections. Be careful not to insert silence, delete samples or alter any sample data. Save the slices to separate files. Now convert the sample rate of some pieces to random values (the example program shipped with the libsamplerate library will let you do this in very good quality). Pick some pieces and convert them to Ogg Vorbis format. Pick some others and encode them to FLAC. Pick a few and convert them to mono. Now open up the playlist editor of the music player in question and add the files in order. Push play, and listen.

You are probably nodding your head, but today's popular music player software: Winamp (on that other OS), XMMS, FreeAmp, Zinf and AlsaPlayer all fail this test. These programs are completely unusable to the serious listener because they fail to provide one humble feature: the ability to play back a list of consecutive audio files without terrible gaps in between tracks. (Although XMMS does have a plugin called xmms-crossfade which mitigates this problem.)

That's right. But fortunately enough, Aqualung is here to fix all the mess. It is a music player designed from the ground up to provide continuous, absolutely transparent, gap-free playback across a variety of input formats and a wide range of sample rates thereby allowing for enjoying quality music: concert recordings and "non-best-of" albums containing gapless transitions between some tracks. (Multiple movements long compositions are often broken into separate but gaplessly flowing tracks when mastered to CD). Obvious examples are The Song Remains The Same (Led Zeppelin), The Dark Side Of The Moon (Pink Floyd), and Yessongs (Yes). Besides the ability to play the music from these records without a defect, Aqualung provides high quality sample rate conversion, a feature that is essential when building large digital music archives containing input sources conforming to various standards. Aqualung passed our test � and it will pass yours, too.

Last updated on February 3rd, 2010

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