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Ambiophonic Audio Player is a cross-platform Java application which works on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

In comparison to the Ambiophonic Transcoder which takes audio samples from the computers sound card inputs to apply the Recursive Ambiophonic Crosstalk Elimination (RACE), the Ambiophonic Audio Player opens WAV audio files for playback.

Because AAP is a Java application it will work on Windows, Mac and Linux. There is no need for any installation, just launch the JAR-File.
As a pre-condition you need to have the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed which you can download here:

Setting up your listening environment:
1.) Place your speakers in a separation angle of around 20°. The speakers do need a good phase response, but even simple single driver PC-Speaker work well.
2.) Launch AAP without changing the attenuation and delay
3.) Open for example intrumental music or the below mentioned test WAV-Files to do the system setup
4.) Move along the median of the speakers until you find the best sound stage experience

To ease the setup of the Ambiophonic environment download the white noise 15 seconds audiofiles left.wav and right.wav, load them into AAP and start playing. Now change your setup until the left.wav plays beyond the left speaker and the right.wav beyond the right speaker. Please keep in mind that the sound stage wideness (>90°) is not limited to the speakers angular separation (

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July 9th, 2010, 11:31 GMT
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Stephan Hotto
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Ambiophonic Audio Player
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