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Algoscore is a graphical environment for algorithmic composition.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.5/5 17
Jonatan Liljedahl
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
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Algoscore is a graphical environment for algorithmic composition, where music is constructed directly in an interactive graphical score. The project has powerful scripting capabilities. The result is output to MIDI and CSound.

Graphical objects are placed in a timeline and connected together. Some objects are fully dependent on user data, while some are generative and reacts on input from other objects. It is highly customizable and extensible with the Nasal scripting language, and it's easy to make your own types of objects (from scratch or derived from an existing class), and also to use nasal code directly in the score for generating or transforming events or control data.

AlgoScore has a non-realtime perspective, where the composer can relate freely to time and construct the composition outside of time. This makes AlgoScore more like a traditional sequencer in this regard, but a graphical algorithmic sequencer with powerful and flexible scripting capabilities. The non-realtime concept also means that an object has the ability to access all data of another object in a single moment, instead of being limited to the streaming data of a current "now" as in the usual pipeline architecture of many other applications.

The development of Algoscore is currently focused on the CSound interface, in the form of a csound bus that takes events, control data and function tables from other objects and sends them to CSound, which renders it to audio in a background process. The audio can then be played back through JACK, or exported to a soundfile. More work on the MIDI bus object will be done later, and I also have thoughts for dealing with audio so that synthesis and DSP can be done directly in AlgoScore and combined with CSound through audio input/output to the csound bus.

Since the composer works directly with the score, there's no need for an additional step of creating a graphical score of the piece if one wants to. The score is already there, and can be exported to PDF for printing or publishing. Examples of scores exported as PDF can be downloaded at the Works page.


· JACK 0.100.x (0.102.27 or later for MIDI support)
· csound 5
· libsndfile 1.0
· GTK+ 2.8
· GLib 2.12

What's New in This Release:

· Updated src/CMakeLists.txt, should now build on Mac OS X again.
· Now depends on JackOSX 0.76 on OS X.
· Updated OS X build instructions in the Users Manual.
· Explicitly disable rtmidi and rtaudio when calling csound in cs.nas
· make_build now renames the old algoscore binary so that a new one will be built automatically.
· Updated README and AppRun script.

Last updated on April 8th, 2008

#algorithmic composition #graphical score #musical score #algorithmic #composition #MIDI #Csound

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