AdlMIDI 1.2.1

An Open Source command-line OPL3 MIDI player application for Linux and Windows OSes

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What's new in AdlMIDI 1.2.1:

  • This version adds support for multiple concurrent synthesizer (a MIDI feature), improves the list of OPL soundfonts, adds support for hardware percussion channels, and more.
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GPL v3 
4.6/5 1
Joel Yliluoma
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
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AdlMIDI - ADLMidi running on Linux, as viewed through a SSH session that runs in Cygwin XTerm on Windows 7
AdlMIDI is a totally free and open source command-line application that can play MIDI files using software OPL3 emulation, also known as FM synthesis.

AdlMIDI supports OPL3 emulation with four-operator modes, FM patches from a number of known PC games, stereo sound, reverb filter, xterm-256color support, WIN32 console support, binary panning, pitch-bender with adjustable range. as well as vibrato that responds to NRPN and RPN parameters.

A number of simulated sound cards can be specified as 1-100, with a maximum channels of 1800. MIDI and RMI file support, loopStart, loopEnd tag support, as well as support for multiple concurrent MIDI synthesizers is also available in AdlMIDI.

Last updated on September 28th, 2013

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