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ACDC is a simple, but yet an outstanding CD player for the linux console.




ACDC is a simple, but yet an outstanding CD player for the linux console, featuring ncurses, simple text graphics, colors, CD database and many many more.

Here are some key features of "ACDC":

· database for CD's
· volume control
· it's colored
· programming the play sequence
· and many more...

ACDC buttons and what they do:
F1 - play / pause
F2 - stop playing
F3 - skip entire track backwards
F4 - skip entire track forwards
F5 - skip current track 5 secs backwards
F6 - skip current track 5 secs forwards
F7 - decrease output volume
F8 - increase output volume
F11 - edit the Artist and Album
F12 - edit the songs
A - play all
used for playing all the tracks, this is the default option, use this key to change from 'stop after', 'play on' or 'random')
S - stop after (used if you want to stop the playback after the current playing song)
N - play one (used if u want to repeat one particular song for infinite)
R - random (for random play of tracks)
SPACE - program song list
C - clear programming
0..9 - enter the song to play, after the selection press ENTER
. - stops playing and eject the CD
M - mute on/off
- redisplay the screen(use this if screen gets scrambled)
- - decrease output volume
+/= - increase output volume
UP_ARR - move up through the song list
DN_ARR - move down through the song list
ESC - normal exit from ACDC

Editing functions / buttons
F11 - edit the Artist and Album (you are here limited to 2 lines each of 20 characters, to move between Artist/Album use ENTER)
F12 - edit the songs (edit is limited to 4 lines each of 42 characters/line, to move between songs use ENTER; to create new line use the TAB key; to move between song lines use CURSOR KEYS)
UP_ARR - move up in the editing area
DN_ARR - move down in the editing area

NOTE: pressing F11/F12 the second time you will exit the edit mode, and the modified text will be automatically saved. (pressing CTRL+C does not save the modifications).


· gcc 2.7.0 or later
· ncurses version 1.9.4 or later
Last updated on April 18th, 2008

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