Ubuntu Cloud Server

14.04.3 LTS GPL (GNU General Public License)    
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A free edition of the Ubuntu Linux operating system that can be deployed as a personal cloud server

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Ubuntu Cloud Server is an open source Linux operating system designed to be used as a personal cloud server. It is based on the well known Ubuntu Linux distribution and recognized as an official Ubuntu flavor, distributed by Canonical.

Designed for Amazon EC2

It can be easily modified, re-bundled and uploaded to an Amazon EC2 cloud server. In addition, it includes many powerful server-oriented tools, that allow professionals to deploy Ubuntu on a public cloud or build their very own clouds in no time.

Includes OpenStack, MAAS, Juju and Landscape

The Ubuntu OpenStack application is the key component of this operating system. It provides users with the most robust, fastest and easiest way to build an open source cloud, based on the stable and reliable Ubuntu platform.

Not only that the Ubuntu Linux operating system includes all the necessary tools for creating a full-featured OpenStack deployment, but it also includes revolutionary cloud technologies, such as MAAS, Juju and Landscape.

While MAAS (Metal as a Service) enables users to effortlessly set up their hardware before it’s transformed into a cloud server, the Juju service orchestration tool lets users to quickly set up and deploy services to any Ubuntu powered cloud.

Lastly, Landscape is one of the most powerful cloud management solution, helping users to keep their cloud server up-to-date, as well as to constantly monitor the systems’ health. While the first two are completely free, the last one is free for only 30 days.

Supported hardware platforms

It is distributed as binary images that can be executed on your personal cloud server. Only the 64-bit, 32-bit and Armhf architectures are officially supported by Ubuntu Cloud Server. Future releases will also support the ppc64el architecture, which is in development at the moment.

Derived from Debian GNU/Linux

Ubuntu is a well known, open source and freely distributable Linux-based operating system. It was derived from the powerful Debian GNU/Linux distribution and it’s distributed in many editions.

Ubuntu Cloud Server was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 6th, 2015
Ubuntu Cloud Server - The default desktop of the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Linux operating system

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