Tiny Core Linux piCore6.3 / 7.0 Alpha 1

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An Open Source edition of the Tiny Core Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi hardware

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Tiny Core Linux piCore is an open source software project derived from the well known Tiny Core Linux distribution, but engineered to be used on a Raspberry Pi computer board. It will provide users with a minimal desktop/development environment for building operating systems based on Tiny Core.

A minimal OS distributed in multiple editions

Believe it or not, Tiny Core Linux piCore is distributed in multiple editions, as zip archived binary/source files that must be copied to a SD card in order to boot them from your Raspberry Pi device. The user can download editions with or without X Window System, with SSH pre-installed, as well as QEMU and boot images.

Runs entirely in RAM

As you might know, the Tiny Core Linux operating system run entirely in RAM (system memory) and requires no installation, as it will download applications over Internet and mount them read-only. Keep in mind though that any change you make to the live system will not survive after reboot.

Two operational modes are provided for this Linux distribution, Mounted Mode and Cloud Mode. While the later was explained above, the first one will save the changes you make to the live environment, simply by storing downloaded apps on a separate partition on the SD card.

Very basic desktop environment, à la Tiny Core

The minimal desktop environment of Tiny Core is also present of this Raspberry Pi edition, providing users with a dock (application launcher) on the bottom edge of the screen and a handful of apps, such as a terminal emulator, storage mounting utility, package manager and system settings. The main menu can be access be right clicking anywhere on the desktop.

Bottom line

Summing up, Tiny Core Linux piCore is a minimal and basic operating system for the small Raspberry Pi computer, designed from the ground up to be used by experienced users who want to build their very own Linux distirbutions.

Tiny Core Linux piCore was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 16th, 2015
Tiny Core Linux piCore - The default desktop environment of Tiny Core Linux

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