Manjaro Linux Xfce Minimal

0.8.10 / 0.9.0 Dev GPL (GNU General Public License)    
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A minimal edition of the Manjaro Linux Xfce operating system, based on Arch Linux

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Manjaro Linux Xfce Minimal is an open source Linux operating system. As its name suggests, it provides a minimalistic version of the Manjaro Linux Xfce edition. When compared with the Manjaro Linux Xfce edition, we can immediately notice that this version features the same Xfce desktop environment, but a smaller collection of open source applications.

Distributed as 32-bit and 64-bit Live CDs

It is designed especially for those of you who don’t have enough bandwidth to download the full Xfce edition of Manjaro. Manjaro Linux Xfce Minimal is distributed as Live CD ISO images that can be used on the 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Boot options

Users can use the boot medium to boot the currently installed operating system, test the internal memory of their computer, view if their hardware components are supported by Linux, and boot the live environment (with or without proprietary drivers).

Booting the live environment from a USB flash drive will take only a couple of minutes on a modern or high-end system. The Xfce desktop environment will provide users with the same quality and artwork as on the main edition.

Default applications

Among the default applications, we can mention the Midori web browser, Sylpheed email client, Parole video player, Xnoise music player and organizer, Mousepad text editor, and the Thunar file manager.

There are also a few handy utilities, such as Bulk Rename for renaming multiple files at once, an application finder, a task manager, a menu editor, a screenshot tool, and the Xfce Terminal. A LibreOffice installer is also included for those who want an open source and powerful office suite.

Bottom line

If you don’t have enough bandwidth to download the Xfce and main edition of Manjaro Linux, we suggest to get this one. It will work the same as the Manjaro Linux Xfce, only with fewer apps that you can install them at a later time.

Manjaro Linux Xfce Minimal was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on January 7th, 2015
Manjaro Linux Xfce Minimal - The default Xfce desktop environment of the Manjaro Xfce Minimal Linux OS

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