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3.0/5 25
squidwall is a fast, small, and secure squid redirector.





squidwall is a fast, small, and secure squid redirector. It is written with security in mind.

squidwall enables the administrator to build an easy to use Web interface for controlling user-, host-, or IP-based access to squid. It also does pass-through antivirus scanning with clamav.

Here are some key features of "squidwall":

· user-based accesscontrol to squid (the internet)
· host/ip based accesscontrol to squid
· pass-through antivirus scanning with clamav
· squidwall and squid doesn't need a restart or kill -HUP, if sth. is changed within the acl's of squidwall
· the acl's are two directories, which have empty files named by these convention:
· '+filename' -> access ok
· '-filename' -> access denied
· '?filename' -> access ok, but scanned

What's New in 0.5 Development Release:

· Support for global filtering options, the new url_rewrite_concurrency feature of squid 2.6, and a small memcache which remembers old redirections were added.
· Changing the whole configuration on the fly without restarting squid is now also possible.
· Everything can be changed in /etc/squidwall/control, just like qmail.
· A lot other improvements and fixes were made.

What's New in 0.4f Stable Release:

· There are some fixes in connection handling.
· If your ClamAV installation is on a remote server, this release is for you.
Last updated on March 29th, 2012

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