SquidTL 0.2.1

Easily limit website usage!

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What's new in SquidTL 0.2.1:

  • Some bugs fixed.
  • Improved stability and usability.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Michele Pinassi
ROOT \ Internet \ Proxy
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SquidTL is an application created for administrators that want to limit usage of particular web sites. Because HTTP is a stateless protocol, it's very difficulty to calculate the right amount of visits by an user, so SquidTL check the amount of connections originated by each proxy user.

For example, if you own a library internet point and don't want guests spend all your time on Facebook, you can limit all facebook domains to 'n' connections per hour. And, if an user go over, he will be redirect to a 'blocked' page and his attempt will be recorded for statistical pourposes (that let administrator to fine-tune triggers).

Moreover you can define time range validity for rules, so you can specify different profiles per-week based.

To sum up, you can safely try SquidTL to regulate your public internet point usage !

Rules syntax

All rules use Gnu RegExp (GNU Regular Expressions) to match IP, IP ranges and domains. You can define IP ranges or domains with the semplicity and flexibility of regular expressions !


SquidTL require a MySQL DB, with developers headers and libraries for compiling. Also libXML2 is required for configuration parsing and, if you want to use the fantastic PHP web gui, you need also a web server (like Apache) and PHP.

Last updated on January 17th, 2011

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