Repo-proxy 0.02

Repo-proxy is a package repository proxy.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.5/5 17
Scott Mazur
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Repo-proxy software is a package repository proxy. When a package manager is configured to use repo-proxy, all package requests will be copied and stored in a local cache directory for future use.

If you have more than one machine on a local network they can all share the same package download cache saving you not only bandwidth, but lengthy download times as well.

If you have only one machine, this isn't terribly exciting, but can still be useful saving repeat updates if you need to later re-install packages.

Repo-proxy can be run using several different methods to accept requests from clients (package managers such as apt-get or smart) for Release and/or Package files. When a request is received for a cached file, repo-proxy returns the local file immediately. Otherwise the file is fetched from the remote repository source (internet) and served back to the client while simultaneously saving a copy to the local cache. Future requests for the same package will go directly to the local cache without contacting the repository source. Each package is only downloaded once, no matter how many local machines request the same package.

Repo-proxy requires no additional support applications to run.

What's New in This Release:

Requires no additional tools or services to run. Completely self contained.
Easily installed, configured, and removed. Automatically updates repository sources (if allowed).
Packages are only cached as they are downloaded (installed). No need to copy the entire repository.
Fast. Package downloads are copied simultaneously with no noticable impact on total package download times.
Neither clients or sources are checked for any kind of restrictions. Clients are presumed to be coming from an internal local network and sources are set according to the package manager setup. Neither should require checking. (this may be considered a bug)
Packages that have been replaced with newer versions are not cleared from the cache. (this may be considered a bug)


Perl 5.005 or above
Fcntl qw(:DEFAULT :flock)
POSIX qw(:sys_wait_h)


The latest released or current version is available at

1. copy the repo-proxy-X.XX.tgz file to a local directory and unpack the archive.

for example:
download to ~/repo-proxy-X.XX.tgz

cd ~/
tar -zxvpf repo-proxy-X.XX.tgz

2. run install script and follow the instructions

cd ~/repo-proxy-X.XX

3. That's it! You're done!


repo-proxy [options]


-c file alternate config file or 'none' (default: /etc/repo-proxy.conf)
-C dir cache local file copies in dir (default: /var/cache/repo-proxy)
-D start a background daemon process and return immediately
-h this usage message
-K stop the background daemon process
(daemon must be configured to use a PID file, see '-P')
-l file log file name (default: syslog)
values 'stdout', 'syslog' or file name
-p port port to listen on (default: 10001)
-P file write pid of signal thread to 'file' (default: /var/run/
values 'none' or file name
-s value skip ckecking for newer files (default: default)
values 'all', 'none' and 'default'
-S return daemon status
-v print version
-x run from xinetd

Last updated on October 30th, 2007

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