Proxsi 0.2

Proxsi is a small proxy server that gathers XMLSysInfo output over the network on behalf of HTTP clients.

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MIT/X Consortium License 
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Moritz Grimm
ROOT \ Internet \ Proxy
Proxsi is a small proxy server that gathers XMLSysInfo output over the network on behalf of HTTP clients. Proxsi's general purpose is to provide proxying, and translation to HTTP.

It is small, lightweight, requires no configuration to function, and was written with security in mind. Starting Proxsi as root will make it confine itself into a chroot jail and then immediately drop its privileges.

Proxsi is known to work at least on *BSD, Linux and Solaris.

Proxsi has the specific purpose of translating XMLSysInfo's plain XML output to HTTP. With it, virtually anything has unfettered access to XSI's system information. For example, other technologies that depend on HTTP, such as XForms, can be used to process and display the XML output to the user in a nice way.

In more detail, Proxsi features the following:

Proxying with translation to HTTP, and thus:
Providing a method for more manageable and strict access control to XSI output, through mere packet filtering. (Simple proxying without translation can already be achieved with any generic TCP proxy.)
Transparently uncompressing XMLSysInfo output for the client, if necessary.
Privilege dropping and being confined into a chroot jail mitigates any potential for immediate system compromise, in case of a flaw in Proxsi.
No configuration necessary, it Just Works.
Negligible CPU usage and a very small memory footprint.
Once running, Proxsi is self-documenting. A simple request to the server root, e.g. http://localhost:11111/, will make it serve a Welcome Page with instructions and examples.


XMLSysInfo (recommended)
libevent 1.2a (optional)

What's New in This Release:

This maintenance release comes with a few cosmetic fixes, as well as some changes that improve maintainability.
Also, two bugfixes from libevent SVN were incorporated into the version shipped with Proxsi.

Last updated on February 20th, 2007

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