ProxIRC 0.5

ProxIRC is a proxy which enables the simultaneous use of irc and instant messaging services by using your favorite irc client.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.1/5 16
Albert Cervera Areny
ROOT \ Internet \ Proxy
ProxIRC is a proxy which enables the simultaneous use of irc and instant messaging services all by only using your favorite irc client.

ProxIRC aims to be (and in fact, already suports some features) a proxy through which one can connect to an IRC server while also being able to connect to other instant messaging systems.

Right now partial support is offered for Microsoft's MSN through another GPL library libMSN. And it is being developed in c++. Currently the only OS platform tested is a Debian linux system.

Status of connected users in the MSN is made thanks to a virtual channel created by the proxy. When a user wants to talk to a friend from msn, only has to /join #friend and talk. The rest of the channels are provided by a true IRC server and directly forwarded by the proxy. In fact, only messages outgoing from the IRC client (which may be anyone) are parsed to look for information intended to the proxy. Information not useful for the proxy is thus forwarded to the IRC server.

What's New in This Release:

· Some include headers have been reordered. Now it seems to work under FreeBSD
· It has been reported that instead of -lpthread, -pthread it should be used under FreeBSD in Feedback needed to see if there are other solutions.
· Sometimes with a known contact connects the join event isn't triggered (it might be because of libmsn) however now when one of those users that try to talk to us they're automatically joined to msn_info channel.
· Commands which might be invoked in the msn_info channel have been added.Try to write HELP on the channel to see a list of them.
· You might add or remove contacts.
· And you might set/unset the ability to automatically accept a new contact request. Then if you don't want him/her you might REMOVE the contact.
· If AUTOAUTH is OFF, however you'll be notified that someone is trying to add you in it's contact list.

Last updated on October 25th, 2007

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