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Cyan Secure Web the only carrier grade, high performance proxy server on Linux.





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Cyan Secure Web project the only carrier grade, high performance proxy server on Linux. Adaptive security for scalable web filtering needs. Dedicated most flexible solution to control all inbound and outbound requests for the use of the web.

The powerful all-in-one solution protects your organization from existing and emerging web-based threats and inappropriate web usage.

Here are some key features of "CYAN Secure Web":

� Proxy server
� Web filtering application
� Anti-Virus at the gateway
� Application blocking
� User-Group-Host policies
� Soft Use Policy opportunity (SUP �)
� Linux based solution

Cyan Secure Web Proxy:

� HTTP 1.0, HTTP 1.1, HTTPS
� Mime type and cookie filtering
� Caching
� Transparent proxying
� Authentication support: LDAP, Active Directory, SQL database support
� Dedicated filtering proxy

Web Filtering Application:

URLs - More Than 7 Million Websites in 16 Categories!

Our URL categories give organizations the ability to design specific internet use policies to:

� Maintain employee productivity
� Manage network bandwidth usage
� Lessen legal liability
� Prevent exposure to viruses or malware
� Increases network security
� Block websites infected with Spyware
� Prohibit unauthorized applications from being installed or launched.
� Prevent your employees from unwanted risks
� Offers Soft Use Policy: switch off filtering mode and inform user about risky surfing
� Linux based solution

Anti Virus application:

� External virus scanner - use your favorised AV solution or
� Integrated Sophos virus scanner
� Avoid downloading virus risks
� All in one solution - STOP all risks at the gateway

Ease of use:

� Quick deployment
� Remote administration
� Daily automated updates
� Local language support

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