zest.specialpaste 1.2

Special paste action with extra options

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What's new in zest.specialpaste 1.2:

  • Do less logging as this can be overly verbose or warn about things that in practice occur for very normal reasons. [maurits]
  • Fix paste error when copying a folder that has a sub folder that has content. [maurits]
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Zest Software
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When copying and pasting an object in Plone the workflow state of the newly pasted object is set to the initial state. Sometimes you want to keep the original state. This is what zest.specialpaste does.

Use case

You use Plone to store some information about clients in a folder. You have created a standard folder with a few sub folders and several documents, images and files that you use as a template for new clients. For new clients some of these objects should already be published. You have set this up correctly in the template or sample folder. You copy this folder, go to a new location and use the 'Special paste' action from zest.specialpaste to paste the objects and let the review state of the new objects be the same as their originals.


zest.specialpaste was tested on Plone 4.0 and 4.1. Currently it does not work on Plone 3.3; that surprises me, so it might be fixable.


- Add zest.specialpaste to the eggs of your buildout (and to the zcml too if you are on Plone 3.2 or earlier, but it does not work there currently). Rerun the buildout.
- Install Zest Special Paste in the Add-on Products control panel. This adds a 'Special paste' action on objects and registers a browser layer that makes our @@special-paste browser view available.

Last updated on November 7th, 2011


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