raptus.navexplorer 1.5

Provide a navigation to explore and manage Plone content

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What's new in raptus.navexplorer 1.5:

  • Fixed 'cut, copy, paste' bug in contextmenu
  • Fixed drag and drop misbehaviour
  • Added new contenttype icons
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
ROOT \ Internet \ Plone Extensions
raptus.navexplorer is a Plone product that has been developed to support customers and webmasters in keeping an overview of their Plone site and helping them control and manipulate it. The complete content of the plone site is represented as a structured tree. This tree is presented in a separated frame not to compromise the display of the plone site itself. In addition, much information is shown for each content-type.

To allow easy manipulation of a content item, all the regular actions are accessible in a context menu available on the repsective node of the tree. With only a few mouse clicks one can navigate miscellaneous views.

The tree supports drag&drop, allowing single or multiple content-types to be moved into others.
User manual and features
Single click: Display information about the selected content.
Double click: Open content in the right frame.
Right click: Open context menu with additional actions.
Arrow keys: Navigate tree and open/close treenodes.
Enter key: Open highlighted content in the right frame.
Drag and Drop: Move one or multiple treenodes into another.
Multiselection: Select desired treenodes by left-click holding the 'shift' or 'alt' key pressed.

Supported Languages

- English
- German
- French

Developer's Manual

Context menu

The default context menu for archetypes shows the Plone menu named "plone_contentmenu". To customize this context menu create a new Adapter implementing IContextMenu.


The additional information on any content-type is displayed in a separated jQueryUI accordion item. For more information please read the interface description: IAccordionItem.

Logo change

Change the logo by editing the settings in portal_properties at raptus_navexplorer/additional_development_info


Currently, there are no automated tests. This project was created using Firefox 5.

Last updated on November 3rd, 2011


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