plonetheme.fui 2.2.1

A Plone 3.0 theme for FUI
plonetheme.fui is a Plone theme written for Fagutvalget ved Institutt for informatikk ( The theme is available at these addresses:

The only file I have modified from the default plone3 theme, except some minor adjustments to and, is plonetheme/fui/browser/stylesheets/main.css. I have simply inspected the xhtml source produced by plone, and made the CSS by the trial and error method.


You can install this theme in Plone using buildout.

 Add plonetheme.fui to buildout.cfg:

 eggs =

 zcml =

 Run (maybe backup first..):

 ~$ buildout -n

 Install the plugin using Site Setup in your Plone site.

 Add the following lines at the end of the Styles box in Site setup --> Visual editor --> Config:

 Image float left|img|float-left
 Image float right|img|float-right
 Bordered image float left|img|bordered-float-left
 Bordered image float right|img|bordered-float-right

 (5.) Add the following styles to the FCKeditor styles:

 < Style name="Image float left" element="img" >
 < Attribute name="class" value="float-left" / >
 < /Style >
 < Style name="Image float right" element="img" >
 < Attribute name="class" value="float-right" / >
 < /Style >
 < Style name="Bordered image float left" element="img" >
 < Attribute name="class" value="bordered-float-left" / >
 < /Style >
 < Style name="Bordered image float right" element="img" >
 < Attribute name="class" value="bordered-float-right" / >
 < /Style >

Code syntax highlighting

The theme loads prettify.js ( Add the prettify class to your blocks to get syntax hightlighting.
For developers

Release a new version to with:

~$ python egg_info -RDb "" sdist upload

You can run plone in the foreground with:

 ~$ plonectl fg

Note that resources are not added unless you reinstall the product.

last updated on:
May 18th, 2011, 12:00 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Espen A. Kristiansen
ROOT \ Internet \ Plone Extensions
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