Event content type for Plone is the calendaring implementation for Plone. It provides Event Content Types (Archetypes based as well as Dexterity Behaviors), Timezone support, RFC5545 icalendar export, Recurrence support and a lot more.

The ATContentType and dexterity features are automatically enabled depending on installed packages.

Installation for Plone 4.1

To install for Plone 4.1, please use the package from pypi. Include it in your buildout config or in your integration package's and apply the " Plone4 integration" profile. The package pulls all dependencies, which are needed for


!!! Backup! Don't do this on a Plone setups in production, only install for new setups or report any upgrade issues. Upgrading is yet not tested and no upgrade steps are provided - this is still a task to do. Expect weired behavior regarding date/time/timezones and any other bugs. !!!

What to do

Add some events. Add some with recurrence - but limit the occurences or write bug reports. Add some in different timezones and write bug reports. Add the calendar portlet - shows published events. Write bug reports.

Go to the event controlpanel and try different settings. Download events as ical. Install dexterity, apply the dexterity profile and start using the provided behaviors.

If possible, write fix code and write tests.

Please note, allowing pull requests needs that she/he must have signed the contributor agreement.

Bug reporting

Please report bugs here:

This url may change to some time soon!

Installation from the sources

R/W checkout from github: $ git clone

R/O checkouts: $ git clone git://

If you want to install from the sources for development, run the provided buildout files - and read the sources.

 python bootstrap.cfg -d

For Plone 4.1 and standard ATContentTypes $ ./bin/buildout -c alpha.cfg

Or do a Normal build $ ./bin/buildout -c buildout.cfg

Or do a development build with R/W checkouts $ ./bin/buildout -c dev.cfg

There is also a dexterity.cfg buildout configuration, which can be used to extend another buildout and install the Dexterity flavor of

Start $ ./bin/instance fg

After fireing up the Zope instance, visit the ZMI and create a Plone site. The's Archetypes profile would automatically be installed due to the Products.CMFPlone branch, but please import's dexterity profile also. This way, the dexterity behaviors are registered and an example Dexterity event type is installed.

last updated on:
March 29th, 2012, 22:44 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Plone Foundation
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What's New in This Release:
  • Avoid failing to create an event when zope.globalrequest.getRequest returns None on the post create event handler. This happens when creating an event during test layer setup time. [rafaelbco]
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