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Plone theme for OSHA website

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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osha.theme is a full-blown functional test. The emphasis here is on testing what the user may input and see, and the system is largely tested as a black box. We use PloneTestCase to set up this test as well, so we have a full Plone site to play with. We can inspect the state of the portal, e.g. using self.portal and self.folder, but it is often frowned upon since you are not treating the system as a black box. Also, if you, for example, log in or set roles using calls like self.setRoles(), these are not reflected in the test browser, which runs as a separate session.

Being a doctest, we can tell a story here.

First, we must perform some setup. We use the testbrowser that is shipped with Five, as this provides proper Zope 2 integration. Most of the documentation, though, is in the underlying zope.testbrower package.

 >>> from Products.Five.testbrowser import Browser
 >>> browser = Browser()
 >>> portal_url = self.portal.absolute_url()

The following is useful when writing and debugging testbrowser tests. It lets us see all error messages in the error_log.

 >>> self.portal.error_log._ignored_exceptions = ()

With that in place, we can go to the portal front page and log in. We will do this using the default user from PloneTestCase:

 >>> from Products.PloneTestCase.setup import portal_owner, default_password

 >>> browser.open(portal_url)

We have the login portlet, so let's use that.

 >>> browser.getControl(name='__ac_name').value = portal_owner
 >>> browser.getControl(name='__ac_password').value = default_password
 >>> browser.getControl(name='submit').click()

Here, we set the value of the fields on the login form and then simulate a submit click.

We then test that we are still on the portal front page:

 >>> browser.url == portal_url

And we ensure that we get the friendly logged-in message:

 >>> "You are now logged in" in browser.contents

Code repository: http://svn.syslab.com/svn/OSHA/osha.theme
Questions and comments to info (at) syslab (dot) com
Report bugs at http://products.syslab.com/products/osha.theme/issues

Last updated on April 11th, 2011


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