collective.synchro 1.0.2

Synchronize content between Plone instance

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What's new in collective.synchro 1.0.2:

  • test on Plone2.5.2 with Five 1.4.2
  • reindex object after import
  • fix fss import for Five 1.4.2
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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collective.synchro is a tool to synchronize content between Plone instance.

How to install?

- In plone3 go to portal_quickinstaller and install collective.synchro

- In plone2.5 go to portal_setup , in properties select collective synchro as active configuration and in import click to Import all steps.

How it works?

This tool import content via plugin. By default there is three plugins : fss, zexp and delete You can add and write new plugin (see PLUGIN.txt) for your use case

It store exported data in file system in order to be reimported in an another instance (or multiple instance). An external program must copy data to an import queue. This egg provide a scripts for ssh transport. Add in your buildout (example of buildout are available in collective/synchro/buildout directory) this part to configure scripts:

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs =


This create in your bin of buildout three scripts :

- bin/create_queue -d PATH, --directory=PATH , create a queue structure

- bin/synchronize_queue -s SOURCE -d DEST , synchronize queue by ssh (via ssh key) (-h for other options)

- bin/import_queue -p PATH , import data from queue (-h for other options)

Important, the import_queue must be run with an zeoclient instance:

>>> bin/instance run bin/import_queue ...

The synchronization is fire by the zope3 event system. There is a generic method call by all events :

Plugin are choice by event (plugin list for ObjectModified and ObjectRemovedEvent are different). This registry is managed by the synchronization_tool

The localisation of import is done by queyring a multiadapter that decide where the content is reimported. You can change by zca, the localisation of your import content.

The structure of a queue looks like as this:

./IMPORT/TO_PROCESS -> all files in order to process
./IMPORT/DONE -> file that are synchronized with an EXPORT queue
./IMPORT/ERROR -> data in error
./IMPORT/PROCESSING -> files are synchronizing with an EXPORT queue
./EXPORT/TO_PROCESS -> files that are scheduled to export
./EXPORT/DONE -> files that are imported in the instance
./EXPORT/ERROR -> files in error
./EXPORT/PROCESSING -> files are importing from queue

How to configure the export?

Go to zmi, in portal_synchronisation configure:

- queues : filesystem path (create if don't exits, one queue for one instance)

- expressions : a tal expression that must be true to synchronized content

Last updated on August 4th, 2011


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