collective.subscribablesections 0.1

Allow Members to request access to private Plone Folders

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What's new in collective.subscribablesections 0.1 Alpha 1:

  • Updated url, author.
  • Check if user exists before including them in subscriptions/requests list.
  • Bugfix: Define Section's title and description in proper place in insufficient_privileges template.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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collective.subscribablesections is a Plone product intended to solve the use case for "closed sections", which are described as "sections for which a subscription is necessary". This is rather a broad issue, and as is often the case, the details will probably be filled in later, but i'm sure the use case will sound familiar to a lot of people.

The standard Plone functionality does a good job: making folder private takes care of security, and it's easy to share the folder with a user (or group).

What's missing for the use case is, in my opinion:

- a way for Managers to mark certain folders as being a "closed section"
- for Members, a list of subscribable "sections"
- a mechanism for users to request a "subscription"
- a way for Managers to approve subscriptions
- a list of users's "subscriptions"

These are all fairly minor things, which should work easily with Plone's functionality.

It seems there's nothing around yet that works for Plone 4 (we're targeting 4.2). I've looked at collective.groupspaces.* briefly, but it looks too big. collective.groupspaces.content adds a content type (subclasses ATFolder), which i don't like. And it appears not to work for Plone 4, though i haven't tried installing it yet.

Last updated on November 23rd, 2011


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