collective.portlet.actions 1.2.2

A portlet that provides the links of an action category

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What's new in collective.portlet.actions 1.2.1:

  • Fixed tales expression to work with Plone 4.2 [tom_gross]
  • Updated buildout and added travis-CI testing [tom_gross]
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Gilles Lenfant
ROOT \ Internet \ Plone Extensions
collective.portlet.actions show in a portlet of a Plone site the links and (maybe translated) titles of the actions of a selected category.

Compared with the static text portlet, action URLs are computed and links may be protected by a TALES condition and permissions, such the same portlet may provide different links to various users or in various contexts.


Usual install

collective.portlet.actions is a Python egg with a ZCML slug, such you just need to add these lines in your zc.buildout config file:

recipe = plone.recipe.zope2instance
eggs =
zcml =

As of Plone 3.2, you don't need to add collective.portlet.actions to the zcml option.

Then re-run your buildout config.

See docs/INSTALL.txt for other installation methods.


Please read the comments on top of buildout.cfg that comes with the subversion checkout.

Add a portlet

Of course, if an existing actions category doesn't fit what you need, you may add your own actions category in the portal_actions tool and add actions in it. Action titles may be translated if you provide an i18n domain.

You may add an icon directly in the action definition, as a TAL expression that provides the icon object. e.g. portal/book_icon.gif.

You may associate an icon to each action using the portal_actionicons tool too if you prefer the old way.

When done, add an 'Actions portlet' anywhere you want. Give a title and select the appropriate actions category.

If you choose to show action icons, you may change the default icon for actions that have no icon from their own or through the portal_actionicons tool. The value for the default icon is evaluated from the context when publishing the portlet.

You're done.

Last updated on March 27th, 2012


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