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Track content using personal tags
collective.personaltags is a Plone product that provides a tagging tool for Plone 4. The idea is that logged-in users can tag items that they are interested in, and find them again later.


Add collective.personaltags to your buildout eggs.:


Run buildout, restart plone.

Go to "Site Setup -> Add-ons".

Install the product "Track content using personal tags".


The tool comes with an implementation of the back-end storage called demo. This is chosen by default.

You can select the portal_types to limit the tool to via an "Add-on Configuration" screen (configlet).

You can configure system wide standard tag names.

Add a 'Personal Tags' portlet to the site so that the user can see their tags.

You can configure the number of tags to display. The rest are hidden.


The tool provides a tag selector bar on each page. Enter the tags you want. Tags are delimited by spaces.

JQuery auto-complete will hint with names of existing tags.


The tool does not un-install the storage. You should do this manually if you are completely uninstalling the tool.

It is in the site-root and called "personaltags".

Limits of the Demo Manager

The demo manager was build to demonstrate the tool in Plone. My usage is with an SQLAlchemy backend, so the work on the demo storage is incomplete.

There is no recognition of events such as

last updated on:
March 10th, 2011, 11:54 GMT
developed by:
Kevin Gill
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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