collective.navroottabs 0.1.0

Custom portal tabs for Plone folder that are INavigationRoot marked

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
RedTurtle Technology
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collective.navroottabs is a Plone product to change the Plone behavior that manage portal tabs. Installing this will change nothing in your Plone site, but gives you a way (through ZMI) to change the way used for obtaining those links in Plone subsites.

In Plone 4, when a folder is marked as INavigationRoot, the folder become more or less a subsite.

By default, standard portal tabs links are ok (link to the home page, followed by auto-generated tabs taken loading all first level subsection of the site or subsite), but if you customized portal tabs adding new ones you will see those new tabs also in subsites.

Also, you have no way to see custom portal tabs links only in the subsite.

Customize your tabs

This product will change this behavior. If you want to have some additional portal tabs in a folder with id "my-subsection" that you marked with INavigationRoot, you simply need to add to the portal_actions tool a new "CMF Action Category" with id "portal_``my_subsection``_tabs" (folder id will be normalized to use only simple character and "_" character).

Will be kept this order:

- Plone site default portal tab 1
- Plone site default portal tab 2
- ...
- Subsite portal tab 1
- Subsite portal tab 2
- ...
- Auto generated tabs (if enabled)

Dont' want to inherit?

If you don't want to see also portal tabs defined for the Plone site, simply add a ZMI boolean property in your CMF Action Category, naming it block_inherit and putting its values to True. In this way you'll see only tabs defined in the subsite.

If you don't provide this property (default) or put it to false, you will continue seeing also portal tab links.

Additional products

About subsites

This product has been develop for additional needs of redturtle.subsites, but can be used outside the project itself.

Don't want to use ZMI?

You can rely on collective.portaltabs if you want a user friendly interface for managing portal tabs (of the root site or subsites) from Plone.

Last updated on August 1st, 2011


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