collective.googleauthentication 1.0.0

GA takes care of the user authentication upon Google Docs service

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
D'Elia Federica
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collective.googleauthentication is a Plone product that takes care of the user authentication upon Google Docs service, so that the Plone application can access the documents stored on Google servers.

To let the Plone application access the documents stored on Google servers, it is necessary to complete the authentication procedure for Web applications provided by Google Docs. The procedure allows Web applications to authenticate users through their Google accounts. For security reasons, the application acquires an authentication token which will later be used to dowload or upload documents from Google servers without explicitly providing the user's credentials. The Plone user is redirected to a Google page that invites him to insert his credentials. Once he logs in with his Google account, the user is asked to authorize the Plone application to access his documents. Then, if the user grants access, he is pointed again to the Plone site. The URL of the last redirection embeds the authentication token which, as mentioned above, allows the Plone application to access the user's documents on Google servers for the following requests.

GA inititates the authentication procedure upon Google Docs immediately after the user has logged into the Plone application. The procedure will be executed just once, as when the Plone application obtains the authentication token, it will store as an attribute, google_token, in the user profile.


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Last updated on July 22nd, 2011


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