collective.filepreviewbehavior 1.0 Alpha 1

Dexterity behavior for file previews based on Products.ARFilePreview

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What's new in collective.filepreviewbehavior 1.0 Alpha 1:

  • We should not expect the objects to provide the IBasic behavior, but we know that there is always a Title() and a Description() method (inherited from CMFCore) [26.11.2009, jbaumann]
  • MissingBinary should not fail, but skip creating the preview and put a error message into the log. [06.11.2009, jbaumann]
  • It should not fail if there is no primary field value [06.11.2009, jbaumann]
  • Added some tests, they are not working well because we test with a plain type (without any schemata and without a required file field). [23.10.2009, jbaumann]
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Jonas Baumann
ROOT \ Internet \ Plone Extensions
collective.filepreviewbehavior is a Plone product that contains a behavior for using Products.ARFilePreview with dexterity content types. The views and some adapters are overwritten ARFilePreview uses some Archetypes specific stuff.

BE WARNED: If you have a dexterity setup, you may not want to install Archetypes. But Products.ARFilePreview was developed for Archetypes and may still depend on it.


Add the behavior collective.filepreviewbehavior.interfaces.IPreviewable to the behaviors list of your dexterity conten type, then the uploaded file will be converted to a HTML preview.

Use as name for the file-field "file" and mark it as primary field. The file field should be in your primary schema interfaces, a behavior schema interface may not work.

For more information about marking as primary field check out the dexterity documentation (the chapter on webdav):

The Views

Products.ARFilePreview provides three views: * file_preview : A view containg the download link and a the preview of the document embedded in the plone theme. * preview_provider : A view only containing the preview of the document. This view can be used as fullscreen / popup preview. * file_asdoc : A view only containing the preview of the document, but embedded in the plone theme.

You may the make some actions for your content, collective.filepreviewbehavior will not create any actions.

Last updated on July 20th, 2011


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