collective.easyslideshow 2.1.2

An easy slideshow solution for Plone

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What's new in collective.easyslideshow 2.1.2:

  • Fixed bad calls in ZPT to find paths to images. [calvinhp]
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Six Feet Up, Inc.
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collective.easyslideshow is a Plone product that makes it easy for any content editor to create and manage online slideshows. It comes with all the settings you need to customize your slideshows, such as:

- Adjusting the delay between slide transitions;
- Managing the height/width of slideshow images;
- Controlling whether or not captions are shown with slides;
- Selecting whether or not users can pause the slideshow on hover;
- Selecting slides timeout;
- Turning the display of slide number on/off.

In order to create a slideshow, content editors just upload pictures to a regular folder, click the folder's Subtype menu, and select slideshow. This transforms the regular folder into a slideshow folder, and automatically changes the folder display to a slideshow view. To modify the order in which the slideshow displays the images, content editors just need to reorder the pictures in the folder by dragging them up or down in the Contents tab.

Besides living in a dedicated folder, EasySlideshow also supports the ability to display images in a portlet (a.k.a. side box). Slideshows can actually be displayed in any template by calling the slideshow macro that ships with EasySlideshow.

While EasySlideshow's global parameters are controlled via the Control Panel (log in, click Site Setup, and select EasySlideshow Configuration), content editors also have the ability to override the global settings for a specific slideshow directly at the folder level. This allows the use of EasySlideShow in multiple locations on your site without having to make the appearance and function of all slideshows the same.

EasySlideshow is Plone 4 compatible (Plone 3.3.x and up) and requires no custom installation, as it leverages the jQuery library that already ships with Plone. EasySlideshow uses fields already found in the Plone image type for presentation. The jQuery plugin that is the basis for this product is jQuery Cycle.


- In your buildout.cfg, add collective.easyslideshow to the list of eggs within the [instance] section. The package is using z3c.autoinclude so there is no need to add it to zcml if you are using Plone 3.2+:

 eggs = collective.easyslideshow
 zcml = collective.easyslideshow

- Run buildout, and start up the instance

- Install collective.easyslideshow via portal_quickinstaller


- Create a folder in your site
- Once EasySlideshow has been installed, you will be able to subtype the folder so it becomes a slideshow folder, by clicking on Sub-types tab then selecting slideshow
- Add images into the folder
- The caption on top of the image in the slideshow displays each image's Title and Description
- To link a slide to a page in your site, edit the image, click on the Categorization tab, and set a related link. Each slide can have its own related link.
- For best performance, all images used in the slideshow should be the same size, and be uploaded at that size. Slideshow size can be changed in Site Setup.
- Properties can be changed either site wide or on each slideshow individually. Go to site setup to set the site wide properties. For changing the properties of individual slideshow, there is a slideshow tab available on each slideshow folder.
- A slideshow portlet is also available. Each portlet has its own settings, and displays the images from a folder that you choose.


- Slideshow appearance can be further modified by overriding

- The slideshow macro can be put into a custom template with the following code:

 < metal:block use-macro="here/slideshow_macros/macros/slideshow" >
 slideshow here...
 < /metal:block >

- When used on a custom template, the slideshow will look for images in a folder called Slideshow Folder (id slideshow-folder) at the same level as the page on which it will be displayed. The name of this folder can be modified within the macro.

- See for further functions and customizations that can be used.

Last updated on February 15th, 2012


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