collective.configviews 3.0.2

Manage configuration of browser views

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What's new in collective.configviews 3.0.2:

  • Fix configuration error by forcing the load zcml of CMFDynamicViewFTI [toutpt]
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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collective.configviews is a Plone product that does not provide new feature to Plone. It is intended to plone add-ons developers.

If you need to create a browser view with configuration this add-on will make your life easier.

Why doing this in an add-on

Because most of the time developers faced to this issue store data in the content type, or with annotation on context without trying to optimize, or without form, ...

How it works

This add-ons define three components:

- IConfigurableView
- IConfigurationProvider
- IConfigurationMutator

The main idea, is you just have to create an zope.interface to define settings schema and set this schema in the 'settings_schema' attributes of the view.

For example:

class IMyViewSettings(interface.Interface):
 width = schema.ASCIILine(title=u"Width",

 height = schema.ASCIILine(title=u"Height",

class MyView(ConfigurableBaseView):
 settings_schema = IMyViewSettings

 def width(self):
 return self.settings['width']

 def height(self):
 return self.settings['height']


This component is responsible to return settings. It has been implemented in different adapters

Provider (no named adapter): this provider load default values from the interface fields defaults values and it let other providers override values. It is an aggregation of all providers specified in the view throw the settings_providers attribute. Warning: The order is important, each settings are taken from the last provider which provide it.

'': this provider return values from (you have to register your settings_schema as records in registry.xml)

'': this provider return values stored in annotation on the context of the view.

'': TODO (not implemented yet)


This component is an extension of IConfigurationProvider with the write settings capabilities (throw its 'set' method).

'': this mutator store the configuration in the context of the view.


This component is implemented in a browserview you are supposed to inherits from in your own browser view.

The default behavior is to use '' as mutator and the following providers:

- default.zope.interface

Last updated on February 4th, 2012

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