collective.carousel 1.6.2

Add-on for having Collections' results presented as a nice carousel

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What's new in collective.carousel 1.6.2:

  • Allow configuring of image_scales in portlets. [thet]
  • Added to prevent issues with packaging. [bogdangi]
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Denys Mishunov
ROOT \ Internet \ Plone Extensions
collective.carousel is a Plone product that lets you add "carousels" of items in your Plone site. More than one carousels on one page are supported.

collective.carousel is based on Scrollable plugin for JQuery Tools library.

How to get a carousel?

Work of carousel is based on one assumption — you already have a collection that returns results for showing in the carousel.

Carousel can be added in 2 ways:

 * as a viewlet above page's title (content carousel);
 * as a portlet to any portlet manager in your site.

Carousel above page's title (Content carousel).

 * Go to Edit tab on a page where you want to add a carousel;
 * go to Settings;
 * add a collection that will provide content for carousel to Carousel object field;
 * if you want to add more than one carousel, add more collections to the same field;
 * after saving your page, you should see the carousel(s) above your page's title if the collection(s) you chose for the carousel(s) returns any elements.

Carousel in a portlet.

 * On a page where you want to add a carousel click Manage portlets in one of the columns of your site;
 * choose Carousel portlet from Add portlet... menu;
 * collection portlet is a derivative from standard collection portlet in Plone, hence the same fields are available for this type of portlets as well;
 * fill out the fields in the form specifying a collection that will provide content for the carousel portlet.

NOTE: content carousels are not inheritable while carousel portlet is inheritable as any other portlet in a Plone site. This means that when you add a content carousel to a folder, the same carousel will not be shown on any object within that folder. At the same time if you add a carousel portlet on a folder, that portlet will be shown for all objects within the folder that don't explicitly block parent portlets.

Last updated on January 29th, 2011


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