collective.buildbot 0.4.1

A set of zc.buildout recipes and support for declarative configuration for Buildbot
collective.buildbot is a Plone product that provides a set of zc.buildout recipes that make it easy to configure a buildbot setup (build master, build slaves and projects) and a scripts to run the buildbot master and slaves. The recipes produce INI-style declarative configuration files based on the buildout configuration. These configuration files are in turn read by the buildbot runner script to initialize the buildbot environment.

The available recipes are:

- collective.buildbot:master -- Produces a configuration file for the build master process.
- collective.buildbot:slave -- Produces a configuration file for the build slave process.
- collective.buildbot:project -- Produces a configuration for a project build on a selected slave.
- collective.buildbot:poller -- Produces configuration for code repository pollers.

It is possible to use all the recipes in a single buildout and have both the master and slave(s) on the same machine. However, in most cases you will have one buildout for the build master that uses the collective.buildbot:master and collective.buildbot:project to set up the build processes and then separate buildouts on each of the slave machines that use the collective.buildbot:slave recipe.

last updated on:
July 14th, 2011, 14:26 GMT
license type:
ZPL (Zope Public License) 
developed by:
Gael Pasgrimaud
ROOT \ Internet \ Plone Extensions
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  • Add hg-branch-type option and support branch for Mercurial. [thefunny42]
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