betahaus.contextcloud 0.1 Beta

Show a tag cloud for the current context
betahaus.contextcloud is a simple tag cloud or list that shows what's in this context. It's only usable for folderish things including collections. If you combine several portlets it will work like a facet navigation. It doesn't require any customisation or customized listing templates - it should just work with whatever you have in place or the Plone default ones.

The tag cloud uses the power law to normalize sizes. In most usecases when tags are folksonomy-based it should cause the most used tags to have a bit less weight proportionally to the other tags.

The package itself consists of an adapter that does all computing (to make it simple to use it for other things) and a portlet that displays stuff.


- Install the product (in buildout and in Plone)
- Go to manage portlets and select "Context cloud portlet".
- Catalog index is the index to build results from. It has to exist as a column in the portal catalog. (It won't be selectable here if it doesn't)
- Cloud shows results as a tag cloud.
- List shows it as a list with the number of occurences to the right.
- Level is only used for tag clouds. It sets how many different levels (sizes) it should have. If you use more than 5 you need to add css for it. (see the css file)
- The portlet will show up in any folderish context with at least 1 result for the catalog index you selected.
- That's it.


 I didn't want to add any caching at this stage. It doesn't make sense unless you have an enormous amount of hits and content, and in that case you'll have Varnish or something else in front anyway, right?

last updated on:
March 23rd, 2011, 10:57 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Robin Harms Oredsson
ROOT \ Internet \ Plone Extensions
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