archetypes.kss 1.7.2

KSS (Kinetic Style Sheets) for Archetypes

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What's new in archetypes.kss 1.7.1:

  • The change r12412 in 1.6.0a3 introduced a regression, the field inline validating error message was not shown to the user. The error message is not always the "required field" message, so it's problematic to not show the error message in all cases. The warning_only parameter is now set to False in the issueFieldError call so the error message appears again. [vincentfretin]
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Plone Foundation
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archetypes.kss is a Plone product that gives generic KSS support to Archetypes. It depends on the product "kss.core" and "".

Features implemented:

 In-place field validation. In the edit field, when a field area is left, the field gets validated and field error message is displayed.

 This must be implemented for each field type individually. At the moment, only the stringField is done. To test, go to a mandatory field like Title, delete its value and try to leave it.

 In-place form submission. When the Save button is pressed, we first validate the entire form from the page. If we have an error, we stay in the page and display the portal status message, plus every field error message. If there is no error, we resubmit the form.

 The form resubmission may be implemented in a more effective way in the future, together with the total rewrite of AT's current submission scripts.

KSS extensions defined for general purpose use:

- A generic macro replacer server action
- client action for submitting to an url
- client action for submitting the current form

Last updated on May 27th, 2012


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