Products.pipbox 1.0 Beta 2

Picture In Picture (lightbox/greybox) support for Plone

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What's new in Products.pipbox 1.0 Beta 2:

  • Emulate Plone 4 form tabbing in Plone 3.x. Probably mainly useful with PloneFormGen quick edit mode [smcmahon]
  • Reproduce the Plone 4 popups as possible. [smcmahon]
  • Adjust styles to work in IE 6. [davisagli]
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Steve McMahon
ROOT \ Internet \ Plone Extensions
Products.pipbox is a backwards-compatibility layer that provides Plone 4's ajax popup support in Plone 3.3.x.

This allows lightbox-style popups that may be loaded as images, AJAX html, or iframes.

pipbox currently does three things:

- loads JQuery Tools and its supporting js by loading;
- Adds many of the standard Plone 4 popup forms;
- provides a framework for connecting JQuery Tools bling to CSS selectors without JavaScript.

pipbox has been tested with Plone 3.3.x. It's basically compatible with Plone 4, but there's very little reason to use it there. If you use it with Plone 4, you'll want to turn off (in portal_javascripts) the popupforms.js supplied by pipbox in favor of the one supplied in Plone.

With pipbox and in place, you may use documented mechanisms for adding popups.

You may also use a table-driven setup, with settings in the table allowing you to specify DOM elements via jquery selectors. These are usually going to be < a href... / > or < img src... / > elements. You specify how the URL should be loaded (as an image, ajax or iframe). You may also optionally supply a regular expression search/replace pair for the URL and additional arguments for the JS engine.

Options are specified with Javascript object notation and stored in a property sheet in portal_properties.

Last updated on April 13th, 2011


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