Products.SignupSheet 0.6.1

A signup sheet implementation for Plone

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What's new in Products.SignupSheet 0.6.1:

  • removed package initialize that duplicate the product in portal_quickinstaller [keul]
  • fixed a critical bug that block users subscription when not using queue size [keul]
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
RedTurtle Technology
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Products.SignupSheet is a Plone product that allows site managers to create custom registration forms for events, workshops, fundraisers and other events that require online registration. Each SignupSheet defines the fields that are used for each Registrant object they contain, through the ATSchemaEditorNG product. The Registrant object is what the end user fills out and submits. The workflow places each submitted Registrant in a private state once it is submitted so that it can be reviewed and approved.

The SignupSheet has these additional features:

 * Registrant fields can be exported to CSV
 * A waiting list and event size can be set, end users are emailed a message stating whether they are pending approval or on the waiting list.
 * The signup sheet view indicates whether the SignupSheet is 'full', 'open' or whether user will be put on a waiting list. This is calculated using the event size and waiting list settings.
 * End user is directed to a customizable thank you page.

The key motivation behind this product is to provides a way for site managers to setup registration forms that do more than email the fields to an address. Having the fields be configurable is essential, since many groups have specific requirements for the data they are collecting for their events.

SignupSheet is released under the GNU General Public Licence, version 2. Please see for more details.


 * Install in the usual way, using the QuickInstaller. Requires ATSchemaEditorNG 0.5 or greater Requires TemplateFields and TALESField
 * Tested with Plone 3.0.6 and Archetypes 1.5.6 and ATSchemaEditorNG 0.5


 * This product would not be possible without the Poi and RichDocument products by Martin Aspeli. They provided useful example code, specifically around the workflow trigger pattern.
 * In addition Upfront Contacts by Roche Compaan for the CSV export code.
 * In addition thanks to Simon Pamies for assisting me with ATSchemaEditorNG, and Andreas Jung for providing useful code improvements.
 * Naro for the Plone 3 compatibility work
 * Andres Jung for eggifying SignupSheet
 * Camera di Commercio di Ferrara sponsored some i18n fixes inside the PloneGov initiative

Last updated on January 10th, 2012

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