Products.CMFSquidTool 1.5.1

HTTP cache management for CMF sites

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What's new in Products.CMFSquidTool 1.5.1:

  • Don't invalidate FSObject. This avoids invalidation storm on edit after restart when loading skins from file system. [tesdal]
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Simon Eisenmann and other
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Products.CMFSquidTool is a CMF tool to purge a proxy's cache. It works with both Squid and Enfold Enterprise Proxy. It is accessible through the Zope Management Interface.


1. a) for Squid proxy caches

Squid does not allow you to purge objects unless it is configured with access controls in squid.conf. First you must add something like:

acl PURGE method purge
acl localhost src
http_access allow purge localhost
http_access deny purge

The above only allows purge requests which come from the local host and denies all other purge requests.

Restart Squid after you did this reconfiguration.

b) for Enfold Enterprise Proxy (EEP) caches

If CMFSquidTool is running on the same machine as EEP, no extra configuration of EEP is necessary.

If CMFSquidTool is running on a different machine, you will need to add a line to your EEP configuration file. The EEP configuration file is located in the EEP application directory and is called 'eep.ini'.

Using a text editor, add a line like this to your eep.ini file, with the IP addresses of the machines you wish to be able to purge the cache:


2. Zope Product

Extract this tarball into your Zope Product folder and restart Zope when you did so.

Afterwards install the tool into your portal by using the quickinstaller tool.


ZMI Setup

Enter the url to your portal root like it is accessable through squid, into the field inside the Squid Cache Urls tab of the portal_squid tool.

If you have Enfold Enterprise Server, a similar interface is available from the Plone Control Panel.

Last updated on September 1st, 2011


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