Products.AutocompleteWidget 1.4.0

Archetypes autocomplete widget with support for String-, Lines- and ReferenceFields
To use the Products.AutocompleteWidget package just create a field like:

 vocabulary=DisplayList((('week', 'Week'), ('wedding','Wedding'),
 ('winona','Winona'), ('winter', 'Winter'),
 ('weather','Weather'), ('cow', 'Cow'))),
 widget=AutocompleteWidget(label='Test Widget',
 description='Test this',

You can also use a LinesField instead of a StringField. The widget adapts automatically. This has the advantage that you can index the field in the catalog (keyword index). Combine this with the filter_bogus property on the widget and the widget will prepare the entered values.

It's useless without a vocabulary, and setting enforceVocabulary true doesn't really make sense unless you use the LinesField.


There are a few parameters that can be set to alter the behavior of the widget:

 actb_timeout: How long (ms) before the autocomplete box times
 out and dissapears. (Default: 2500, -1 to disable)
 actb_lim: How many choices to show in the autocomplete box
 at a time. (default: 5)
 actb_firsttext: Should the autocomplete serach be limited to the
 beginning of keyword (True), or should it search the entire entry for a match (False)? (default: 0)
 actb_filter_bogus: remove keywords that are not in the vocabulary and
 also remove redundant keywords, leading/trailing spaces etc.

 actb_expand_onfocus: expand the dropdown on focus.

 actb_complete_on_tab: set to 0 if you want tab to move the focus to the next widget.
 default is 1.

last updated on:
October 25th, 2011, 11:54 GMT
license type:
ZPL (Zope Public License) 
developed by:
Jonathan Riboux, Alec Mitchell and con...
ROOT \ Internet \ Plone Extensions
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