tidy 1.0

tidy is a software to tidy up log file(s) created by syslogd and do statistics on it.
tidy is a software to tidy up log file(s) created by syslogd and do statistics on it.

Tidy cleans up the log file(s) created by the syslogd daemon. For a system operator it is a bothersome job to sort out the interesting (sometimes alarming) entries from a pile of standard entries. Tidy distinguishes different services (telnet, finger, etc.) and removes standard entries.

Furthermore tidy tries to extract a remote host from the messages. These remote hosts are added to a statistics database. The number of contacts of each service is saved together with the time/date stamp of the last contact. The statistics can be printed out as simple ASCII or HTML.

Main features:

  • Configuration of the action of tidy moved entirely to a configuration file tidy.conf, thereby making customization a lot easier.
  • Tidy now keeps statistics data in a separate database file. Different output can hereby be produced from one database.
  • HTML output format added. Produces neat tables. ASCII output enhanced.
  • Added a lot of options to customize the output.
  • Added progress indicator. Can be turned off with the -q switch.
  • Added sorting by number of connections and by Internet domains.
  • Added host name aliasing.
  • Added utilities for installation and more verbose documentation.
  • Tidy is now distributed under the GNU Public License.

last updated on:
June 24th, 2007, 0:05 GMT
developed by:
Marek Rouchal
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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